MemberPal Review and Bonus

 MemberPal Review


In this Memberpal Review you will discover “The One Click – 30 Second Membership site builder – The Easiest One ever!”

Product Creator: Simon Warner And Dan Green
Product Name: MemberPal
Launch Date: 2016-Sep-24 at 11:00 EDT
Price: $37.00 ( Upsell 1 MemberPal Pro  $37 | Upsell 2 Members Site Video Course $47 | Upsell 3 Resell Rights $47 )
The Verdict: No Brainer – Get the plugin at the very list (Demand For This Product Will Soar)











What Is MemberPal About?

In this Memberpal Review I am going to get straight into the features of this plugin.

Here’s a list of features for Memberpal:


  • WordPress plugin creates full members site in under 60 seconds from brand new installation.
  • Fully integrates with your Paypal account, only allows paypal verified customers to access your protected content.
  • You can protect any kind of content you want… pages, posts, videos, even whole categories.
  • Super easy intergation with all major autoresponders.
  • No setting up membership levels, no difficult configuration, the easiest membership plugin you’ve ever seen.
  • Just hook Memberpal up to your paypal account, then Memberpal does everything else for you!
  • Works with Jvzoo, Warriorplus, Paypal Pay Buttons… use any payment processor you want.






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Why Build A Membership Site With MemberPal?


Everyone would jump at the chance to have a membership site that brings in a monthly recurring income. MemberPal is a

Membership site software builder that takes the pain out of  building your membership quickly and easily with out having to

be technical or know computer / programming code!

A membership site provides the same service for a group of people who have the same need or interest.

As long as they retain their membership, you will charge these people monthly, quarterly or yearly or whatever the terms of your contract with them states for using your service.

This is not like a one time sale offer for which you continually need to find new customers for. You will also not need to come up with any new products to upsell the current ones that are available. A membership site business will give you a reliable, stable and steady income each and every month. In order to keep your clients happy and turn them into a royalty customer depends upon your service to them.

If you are a online marketer, you will want  to consider having a membership site of your very own.

Some Reasons To Build A Membership Site With MemberPal


OK, apart from having an easy membership software solution like Memberpal here are some reasons why you should
strongly consider building a membership site of your own.

When you have a membership site, it is an excellent means of getting that list built up fast. The all important list is usually what a membership site is composed of – interested people who want to return to see what is being offered. People may join a membership site for a number of reasons. They may want to subscribe to a newsletter that you offer, they may be glad to get several things that they want all in one convenient place, or it may be something as simple as loving the font that you use on your site. No matter what the reason for their joining, members can be charged a monthly fee in order to get access to what you have to offer. This generally will consist of articles, services that are available to them, a customer service line for questions and problems and a forum to tie everything together.

When you have a steady stream of members who are paying you monthly, then it is easy to meet your monthly income goals. This can be in addition to any affiliate sales, or it may be used in place of them. Some affiliate marketers love to build their membership site rather than keep several different affiliate websites going. A membership site is able to be marketed more easily than several smaller affiliate websites.

Some membership sites on the Internet use their affiliate marketing programs to attract new clients. For members who bring in other new paying members, a flat fee or commission is given to them. This can also be done by waiving part of the membership fee for those members who wish to recruit. This does not cost the site owner anything, and it brings in new clientele at an exponential rate. Using a system like this, one can get large membership numbers much more quickly and it is also less expensive.

Membership Sites – “Safe Way To Protect You Against Sales Slumps?”

Membership sites are a safe way to protect against sales slumps. In a month that has a low sales volume, you can experience a cushion by a steady income of recurring monthly membership fees. If you happen to experience problems with your smaller sites, such as losing your search engine rankings or if a product of yours bites the dust, then the larger site can step in and make up for any lost income.

There are also free membership sites on the Internet that are set up in the same way, but these sites try to attract members by not charging any fees. The income that these sites will realize is in trying to obtain the largest list possible in order to market to in the hopes of getting sales. Having a free membership site will not bring in the recurring membership fees, but, in the long run, it will have a wider membership. Whether you wish to charge to have people enter your website or not, if you have a membership site, this is a strong marketing technique that will help to brand not only your information but your products as well. Remember To Scroll Back Up and  Download Your FREE Ebook “Building Influence With FREE Membership Sites.

My MemberPal Review Free Gift Bonuses

I have put these bonuses together to support you with building and marketing your membership site. Here they are:


 Bonus # 1     Membership Site Secrets Video Training        Value: $47.00

Insider Secrets Revealed!

  • The Membership Site Secrets training program will reveal everything you need to know about running a successful and profitable membership site.
  • This 12 part, step by step program takes you from the very basics through to advanced concepts such as retaining members and avoiding the common mistakes many people make with their membership sites.
  • Many marketers consider running a membership site to be a black art, but once you understand how they work and what people want from them they are surprisingly easy for you to set up and run.
  • In fact, they are so easy you can even set them up to run themselves completely on autopilot depositing money in your Paypal account every month with no interaction from you at all!
  • This is the beauty of membership sites and why so many marketers have fallen in love with them. A membership site can turn traditional marketing on its head and make the sales process much easier for you.
  • In many situations, you earn significantly more from marketing to your members than you do from the membership site fees themselves. The possibilities and earnings are limitless!
  • Whatever your background or skill level you can set up membership sites and profit from them. It doesn’t need any specialist knowledge and if you are smart (and watch video 7) you will be able to get other people to create your content and often for free!


Free Bonus #2    Content Creation Formulas   Value: $47.00


content creation report

Content Creation Formula has been put together to help you create engaging content on all forms of media including your membership site.

You will discover:

  • Benefits of Creating Quality Content- This will open your mind to the possibilities creating high quality content will give you.
  • The Types Of Content Should You Create
  • You will discover the 5 elements needed to have your subscribers wanting more of your content and training.
  • The ONE content type and the “Top 5 ways” to deliver this content that will provide longevity in your market .(All revealed on the first page of this report)
  • 4 Content Creation Models that successful content creators use for businesses wanting to get more exposure,leads and traffic for their businesses.



  • On page 3 one powerful content creation strategy you will learn is the 10 x 10 x 4 formula originally developed by Master Marketer, Author, Speaker, Content Creator and Automation expert Mike Koenigs who has been responsible for showing small to medium business owners and entrepreneurs how to package and sell their knowledge (Fitting for what you are trying to achieve by starting a  membership site.)  This formula is so powerful that it has launched products for the like of Tim Ferris (4 hour work Week and 4 Hour Body etc..) and many other celebrities.
  • The SECRET to making your content engaging and a “3 in 1 simple FORMULA” that will show you how to re-purpose your content easily and save you a lot time.
  • Plus you will be shown how to use these 2 FREE tools that will keep you on top and in the know of what’s happening in your niche.


Free Bonus Gift #3 –  The Complete Webinar Marketing And Training System:     Value:  $97.00



Webinars will be an integral part of not only making the content for your membership website website but an important cog to promoting your Membership site. Included in this bonus is a step by step system to take you by the hand to run webinars effectively and for maximum leverage.

Here’s what you will get:

The Sales Webinar: Learn the “Rule of 3s” for profitable sales presentations. Reach more people and make more sales
• Set Up Live Webinar, Part 1: Write a hooky headline. Learn easy setup for the most popular live Webinar platform.
Set Up Live Webinar, Part 2: Review your setup. Configure email follow-up messages.
• Live Webinar Checklist: This Video covers major features of LIVE Webinar platforms.
A PDF checklist to help you plan flawless, professional Webinars.

Discover The POWER of the Evergreen Webinar

• The Evergreen Webinar: Set Up an automated Webinar and connect auto-responders for alerts – email, SMS, direct-to-voicemail. You will learn of a software that is very powerful.
• The Evergreen Webinar Checklist: Evergreen Webinar features simulate LIVE Webinars Compare evergreen Webinar features that meet your needs and your budget.
Presentation Tools: Overview of tools to create awesome webinar presentations. (You will get a list of tools use.)
• Two Mind Maps videos for organizing thoughts and visual presentations using MindJet and other tools as well a a more fun and colorful approach to mind mapping that you can effectively use to create webinar presentations and webinar funnels.
• How to make your Power Point pop using  a wide range of options and integrating text , graphics and animation.

Free Bonus Gift #4 –  Webinar Presentation Critique Certificate: Value $297.00


Webinar Certificate Critique

  • I will go over your presentation and give suggestions on tweaks that can enhance your presentation.
    Just send your presentation across to me and I will look at ways of improving it for you.
  • I will record my critique and send it back to you so that you can make the changes required and you will have the video
    to refer back to.


Bonus Gift #5  The PLR Content Vault  Valued at $1997.00


Content Vault

You will get access to 100,000 articles and 70 PLR ( Private Label Rights) e-books in some of the most popular Niches that you can use, re-purpose in any way you like. You will be able to modify the e-books and create brand new products, membership sites in a variety of different Niches







Here is a snapshot of the markets and topics and the ton of information you will have at your disposal 24/7.

I say I have conservatively estimated the value of this bonus to under $2000.00 but in reality it is much more, Let me put it this way if you have a 500 word article on a site like you will pay at very minimum about $6.00 per article – you can do the math…of exactly the value of this Free Bonus Gift when you decide to  get access to MemberPal via my link.

FREE Bonus Gift# 6  –  The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Package    Value $97.00


Webinar-JEO-Facebook-PACKAGEYou will learn:

  • How To Generate Leads To Your Membership Site
  • Boost Customer Retention and Faith In Your Brand
  • How To Skyrocket Conversions in Facebook
  • Facebook Ad Secrets
  • Fanpage Secrets

You will also get cheat sheets and 20 video training videos which will cover:

  • Why you should definitely use Facebook for your Membership Business today?

How your membership site can get the most out of Facebook with:

  • Facebook Pages, Groups and Events
  • Using Facebook Apps
  • Facebook Ads that convert
  • Creating Facebook Audiences and maximizing Facebook Pixels.

You will also discover:

  • The top 10 Facebook automation tools You should use.
  • Effective Facebook Marketing campaigns.
  • What to avoid in your Marketing.
  • Shocking Case Studies.
  • How to make tons of money with an Affiliate.

Bonus Gift # 7  – Zero Cost Traffic Secrets  Value $37.00


Instamate Bonus and Resource Guide

“10 Proven Ways To Generate Web Traffic Without Paying A Penny”

These days, launching a website means that you are competing with more companies than ever and getting traffic to your site is vital. So, what is a person with no budget, no SEO skills and no expert advice to do?

You Can Get Free Traffic!

Here’s what you’ll discover in this eBook:

  • You will learn a killer blogging technique that will allow you to get traffic by blogging a very specific way, and how you can make your readership numbers blow up.
  • You’ll learn how YouTube works and how it can help you to bring traffic to your website.
  • You’ll learn a method for posting a link to your website multiple times a day where could potentially be seen by thousands or even tens of thousands of people. (And it won’t cost you a single cent.)
  • You’ll be able to see example emails that will help you approach people so that you can get traffic to your site from other, more popular websites.
  • Revealed on pages 37- 43: You’ll learn how iTunes can help you turn your trickling website traffic into a huge flowing river of traffic by doing something regularly that is both fun and valuable for people in the same industry as you are.

Great Content and Strategies Revealed Right Until The End of This Book


  • By the end of this book, you will know how to approach another website or blog and get them to allow you to write a guest post and then put it on their website, in front of all of their visitors, with a link to your website as to drive traffic that way.
    You’ll learn a method that will allow you to engage with a large group of people many of whom will want to visit your website when you’re all finished.(This tactic is revealed on page 44 and it’s an absolute GEM!)
  • You’ll learn what the name dropping method is – a revolutionary new method for getting some of the most influential people on the Internet to link directly to your website without even asking for a link, or anything else for that matter, in return.
  • You’ll also learn how to create a guide or report and make it go viral and then have it drive traffic directly back to your website without you spending a single dime. In fact, other people will distribute this report for you, all leading back to driving traffic to your website for free.

…and much, much more!

FREE Bonus Gift # 8 Instagram Power- Skyrocket Your Membership Business           Valued $97.00


Instamate- Instagram- Marketing-Secrets

INSTAGRAM is the world’s fastest growing social network with over 400 Million active users. And It’s no wonder that 90% of the world’s top brands are on Instagram.I also learned how Instagram is used by best in class businesses.
I’ll tell you, countless business owners are making big bucks by using this untapped social media giant.

And this is just the beginning…… Let me explain…..

Instagram provides long term benefits for businesses and enables you to:
• Get targeted traffic to boost sales and in addition quickly and easily connect easily with your desired audience, showcasing your offerings and converting leads into sales ….PLUS

• Create a successful brand presence and build emotional connections to foster brand enhancement.

Yes, Instagram is taking the world by storm

This is an info packed training package that is compiled with precision and enriched with time-tested methods that will show you little known free and paid methods of increasing followers and converting sales using your Instagram account. You will learn optimization tips to increase traffic flow to your offers via your posts.

FREE GIFT Bonus # 9  – 1 Hour Power Coaching Call On Skype –  Value  $600.00


Webinar JEO BonusYou will get to tap into my expertise to guide you with any questions you may have about setting up and promoting your membership site. This hour is dedicated  to you. We will work on your membership site.

We Will Work Together To:

  • Create a clear vision for your ultimate membership business success, identify how to best position your business for this success and the “ideal lifestyle” you’d like your business to offer you .
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be hindering the growth of your business and keeping you chasing your tail and feeling overwhelmed.
  • Once you receive your coaching session you will leave renewed, re-energized, and inspired to turn your business into a highly profitable, automated and revenue generating machine through the powerful strategies I will share with you.

FREE GIFT Bonus # 10  – Royalty Audio tracks and Video Loops Package. Value: $297



  • You will receive 100 Royalty Free music tracks and 50 Video Loops that you can you use for the creation of any
    of your audio or video content, video introductions and Video Bumpers (outro’s).







There you have it. When you purchase MemberPal via my link you will get access to all of these FREE Bonus GIFTS…

And the thing is……


Those that have purchased products via link and have received and used these bonuses in the past have been shocked by the high quality bonuses and amount of value that I have provided.

Like Lee D. From Florida, USA: 

“Boy, don’t know what is bigger and better, Webfire or your bonuses! Thank you indeed.”

You see I want to see you succeed and even though I can’t do it for you I know that I can give you the tools and training to help you achieve your end goal which in this case is building profitable membership site/s and ultimately living life on your terms.

My  MemberPal Review – Final Word

Memberpal seems to make the complex simple. It’s a very cost effective membership site software solution to get any one started building a membership site and collecting money straight away. Think of other solution on the market in regards to price and functionality and you will pay a lot more. Really $37 for MemberPal is a ” no brainer” and if you purchase via my link you will receive $3566.00 of real value complimentary bonus gifts that will help you to build a profitable membership site.

Get Your Copy Of MEMBERPAL HERE and remember to send me a copy of your receipt so that I can give you the bonuses as thank you for purchasing from my link. – See You On The Inside

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