Webinar JEO Review And Bonus


Reviewed By Fabio Mastrocola – Rating:5.0 ★★★★★

Webinar JEO Review And Bonus


Over 12500 Webinars have been run with  Webinar JEO since it’s official launch in May 2016.

New  RE-Launch  November  3  2016 10am EST – New Features Added ( Demand For Webinar JEO  Will Soar)




Product Creator: Walt Bayliss
Product Name: Webinar JEO
Launch Price: $497.00/ per year or $57.00 per month (Unlimited Attendees) + 2 Upsells ( Optional – One time offers ) Attendance Rocket $97.00 & Webinar JEO Templates $97.00 (More Info on Webinar JEO One Time Offers below).

Website: www.WebinarJeo.com

Bonuses: Over $7,000.00 in value See Below.
The Verdict: 100% Recommended – A Very Powerful Marketing Tool With New Features


Thank you for taking the time to check out my “Webinar JEO Review And Bonus page”, by Walt Bayliss. For those who DON’T know, Walt Bayliss is an internet marketing expert and professional software developer. Has already developed and introduced to the market some very powerful softwares like:
• Lead Generating Software – Lead Geyser
• Hydra video marketing software
• Content curation software
• Key word seo plugin
And now he brings you Webinar JEO an all in one webinar marketing software.

So What Is Webinar JEO About?

Webinar JEO is arguably the world’s most complete webinar software for running webinars easy. This webinar software covers webinar setup from start to finish. Webinar JEO has easy to use features.

Webinar JEO allows you to:

  • Set up a webinar – in different time zones and formats
  • Allows you to record a webinar as you go
  • Allows you to send out a link to access new webinars to previous attendees with a simply copy and paste feature.
  • Webinar JEO also has a webinar countdown timer feature alerting attendees when the webinar is on from the time they register.
  • You can design your own registration page with pre-designed template ( The work has been done for you – you just put in the details , like date and times of your webinar- A great time saver)
  • A Simple “GO LIVE” & “SCREEN SHARE” Button to start and share your webinar presentation.
  • In built White board to illustrate ideas which increase audience engagement and understanding of content that is being presented.
  • Easily Switch between presentation and webcam.
  • Chat box to send group messages and also privately great for engagement and giving personal attention in your webinars.
  • Easily can make another attendee a presenter
  • Mute function – for background noise and distractions
  • Run EVER GREEN webinars – Webinar JEO allows you to upload pre-recorded webinars and have a watch it now or on demand feature as well as schedule the webinar to be replayed at certain times.
  • Other Webinar JEO features include media options like quizzes and buy buttons that you can schedule to show up at determined times throughout the webinars. (These features are invaluable as they engage, get audience intelligence and stimulate sales.)


  •  Facebook Live Integration – you can now integrate Webinar JEO with Facebook and Launch your webinars via Facebook  Live
  • Meeting JEO  – Multiple People on Camera so you can hold online meetings with multiple people online.
  • Mobile Apps – Webinar JEO available on IOS and Android for a better viewer experience.
  • Add Webinar JEO Registratration Pages Easily To Any Page Builder Software Including: Lead Pages, Click Funnels, Convertri, Wishloop, Optimize Press, On your WordPress blog / website. This done simple by copying and pasting a simple piece of code. CHECK OUT THE DEMO ON FEATURE ON THE VIDEO BELOW

  • OTHER FEATURES  – Are technical software enhancements that increase Webinar JEO’s performance and efficiency.

This webinar software is great for anyone that wants to use Webinars to generate extra income through affiliate promotions, selling physical products, or providing this as a service to other businesses.

Here is a Demo Video of Webinar JEO



Webinar JEO  One Time Offers


Webinar JEO Attendance Rocket


Webinar-JEO-Attendance-Rocket-softwareWill give your webinars the exposure it needs and expand your reach by turning your webinar into a Facebook events (Facebook is the biggest social media platform on the planet with over 1.5 Billion members) with simple click of a button,getting you more leads (fresher leads) even if you have no list. Once you purchase the attendance rocket you will also get a payment gateway BONUS.

Here’s an idea on how the gateway bonus can be used: Let’s say you have written a book on “Facebook Marketing for example you can turn each chapter of the book
into a webinar training courses schedule it out over 6 to 8 weeks and charge a fee for the course. Webinar Training’s have a high perceived value and hence you can charge more for the course.The payment gateway system is also designed to maximize your earnings by generating genuine desire and scarcity. Another great feature of Attendance Rocket is it’s intergration with Youtube live streaming.
The benefit of this feature is massive exposure to the second largest search engine (Yes That’s Right Youtube – It has over 1 billion users world wide) for sending more traffic to your webinars and offerings.

Webinar JEO Templates


Webinar-JEO-Template-SystemsTemplates which are totally customizable, drag and drop page builder packages you can easily tweak in minutes.

Also included are pre-built templates for:

  • Registration Pages
  • Presentation Pages
  • Thank You Pages

You can build confidence in your brand by making a great first impression and getting visitors to register  for your webinar presentation with classy looking pages.

This drag and drop software allows you unlimited customization (No need to know any coding). You can get creative with your pages and the customizations and combinations are endless and only limited by your imagination. The page templates  are designed to specifically turn leads in to registrants and registrants into buyers.
The other great thing is that the templates are all responsive and meaning they are 100% mobile and will look great on smart phones and mobile device.

Webinar JEO Review and Conclusion



Walt Bayliss has added these bonuses when you purchase Webinar Jeo:

Walt’s 1st Bonus: 5 Done For You Webinars



VALUE: $2997.00

You will receive 5 pre-made  HIGH CONVERTING webinars that you can upload to the Webinar Jeo platform and make commissions from. One of the webinars is to actually sell Webinar Jeo. For every sale of this software you will receive 50% Commissions up to $248.50 per sale.

Walt’s 2nd Bonus: Facebook Advertising To Your Webinars


VALUE: $197.00
Build your list using Facebook advertising to get people to your webinars. This training is completely unique content put together by Walt and his team that will fill “seats to your webinar”.

Walt’s 3rd Bonus: Hydravid Video Syndication Software



VALUE: $97.00

Hydravid allows you to upload videos simultaneously to multiple video sites. Distributing your videos across many video sites is a smart way to increase the exposure for your videos. You can have as many video sites as you choose and Hydravid, Video uploading software will enable you to maximise your video marketing and drive more traffic to your webinars and money sites. See The Hydravid Demo Here


Walt’s 4th Bonus: Webinar JEO JV Training Method


VALUE: $197.00

The Webinar JEO Training Method will show you how to have webinars lined up with out ever having or needing a product of your own to promote. You will learn how to effectively find joint venture partners so that you can promote their products and split the commissions.

This is a 5 part video training series showing you how people have built six figure businesses following this method.

Valuable Webinar JEO Bonus Recently Added: Webinar University


Added- Valuable-Bonus-Webinar UniversityBuy Now

FREE ACCESS to Webinar University valued at $997 with the first masterclass starting in Mid June

Webinars are without a doubt one of the most powerful ways to generate huge streams of revenue for your business, and Webinar Jeo gives you absolutely unprecedented power to crank out razor sharp, highly engaging webinar in just a few moments.

You will also get FREE ACCESS to ‘Webinar University’ valued at over $997.

These are instructors that are in the trenches that have been proven to bring in millions of dollars are year, and they are all ‘no pitch’ sessions where you can leave your wallet in the other room.

The first masterclass will start MID JUNE: with the WORLDS BEST webinar and presentation coach.

Our World Class Guest Presenters will be showing you cutting edge, proven strategies that will help you double or event triple your webinar attendees and conversion rates.
And That’s just the first session!

Webinar JEO Final Conclusion

In conclusion, if you’re looking at getting more exposure online for your online or offline business – whether you’re a newbie, or a seasoned veteran at this point in time you can really make a lot of ground with using Webinar JEO for a fraction of the cost of other online webinar marketing software.

Getting Webinar JEO will prove to be a wise investment in my opinion .The opportunities this webinar software will present to you a very valuable. Just think for example what you can do with the automated/ on demand replay feature that comes with Webinar JEO. If you are selling a product of service you can automate the webinar so it becomes you sales person that works for you 24/7…. And that’s only one of the benefits of the many features this software offers you.

Also compare to costs of other webinar software systems Webinar JEO is very cost effective and worth the investment.
Take advantage of this offer and get the Webinar JEO software for a discount if take action now.
Take advantage of this NOW, Sign up for Webinar JEO here.

Webinar JEO will be available with the NEW FEATURES from November  3, 2016 – 10 am EST



(Additional Complimentary Bonuses Available Until November 7, 2016.)


And as a Thank You for purchasing Webinar JEO from me you will receive some complimentary bonuses. I have listed them below and they aren’t just any bonuses. I have put a lot of thought into these bonuses and they will work hand in hand with your copy of Webinar JEO software . All you need to do is send me a copy of your receipt to me via my contact form and I will deliver your bonuses directly to you.


Webinar JEO  Bonus #1  Webinar FEVER Training

Here’s what you will get:
• A 16 Module Webinar Training Course to show you how to use webinars effectively in any business.
The Program is called Webinar Fever and here is what you will learn:
The Sales Webinar: Learn the “Rule of 3s” for profitable sales presentations. Reach more people and make more sales
• Set Up Live Webinar, Part 1: Write a hooky headline. Learn easy setup for the most popular live Webinar platform. Start to collect registrations with 30-day trial. (I have also included a free option and a yearly paid option for to consider pending your budget)
Set Up Live Webinar, Part 2: Review your setup. Configure email follow-up messages.
• Live Webinar Checklist: Video covers major features of LIVE Webinar platforms. Download a PDF checklist to help you plan flawless, professional Webinars.

The Evergreen Webinar: Set Up an automated Webinar and connect auto-responders for alerts – email, SMS, direct-to-voicemail. You will learn of a software that is very powerful.

• The Evergreen Webinar Checklist: Evergreen Webinar features simulate LIVE Webinars Compare evergreen Webinar features that meet your needs and your budget.
Presentation Tools: Overview of tools to create awesome webinar presentations. (You will get a list of tools use.)
• Mind Maps Part 1: This video centers on mind mapping for organizing thoughts and visual presentations using MindJet tools
Mind Maps Part 2: Here’s a more fun and colorful approach to mind mapping. Module #15
• PowerPoint Presentations: PowerPoints give you a wide range of options working with text and graphics and animation.
Create Your Own Whiteboard: You can use resources

Bonus #2  6 In 6 Webinar Conversion Formula (VIDEO Training / Audio / PDF )


  • You will also get access to training of 6 monetization webinar marketing models to take your business to the next level
  • You will also be shown a 6 step formula for doing webinars that some of the best in the webinar business use which include how to attract and promote your webinar, tips on delivering your presentation, and your call to action as well how to follow up.

Bonus #3 A Done For You Webinar Email Campaign

I will write for you a customized webinar invitation and follow up email sequence. Included is a personal 1 hour coaching Skype session so we can connect to discuss your product or service offering.

Bonus #4 Webinar Presentation Critique Certificate

I will go over your presentation and give suggestions on tweaks that can enhance your presentation for more conversions.
Just send your presentation across to me and I will look at ways of improving it for you, if need be.

Bonus #5 Google Hangouts Mastery

Learn how to use Google Hangouts to get more traffic and exposure for any niche and crowdfunding campaign. This 20 video training series will take from the beginning to generating an on demand.

Total Value: $1997.00


The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Package: ($97 Value)

Webinar-JEO-Facebook-PACKAGEYou will learn:

  • How To Generate Leads To Your Webinar
  • Boost Customer Retention and Faith In Your Brand
  • How To Skyrocket Conversions
  • Facebook Ad Secrets
  • Fanpage Secrets
  • You will also get cheat  sheets and 20 video training videos

 2 x 1 Hour Skype Coaching Calls ($600.00 Value)


We Will Work Together To:

  • Create a clear vision for your ultimate business success, identify how to best position your business for this success and the “ideal lifestyle” you’d like your business to offer you .
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be hindering the growth of your business and keeping you chasing your tail and feeling overwhelmed.
  • Once you receive your coaching sessions you will leave renewed, re-energized, and inspired to turn your business into a highly profitable,

automated and revenue generating machine through the powerful strategies I will share with you.


Four More Last Minute Webinar JEO Bonuses



Profitable Webinars Blueprint                                                                                  Value: $97.00




Here’s What You Will Learn in Profitable Webinars Blueprint:

Video #1: Profitable Webinar Formula

Discover how to run a profitable webinar that is ‘edutaining’ (educate and entertain) and how to design your webinar program to be simple and give value to your attendees.

Video #2: How to Close a Sale

The secret to big profits is here. Here’s how you can sell BIG ticket products and services to few clients, and still make more money than selling low ticket products!

I show you how to do your ‘bookstore offer’ and prime your attendees to be ready to buy your backend offer.

Video #3: How to Get Attendees

Learn you how to get targeted attendees with intention to spend to make time for your webinar!

Video #4: How to Use Joint Venture Partners

Discover how to approach mailing list owners and strike profitable joint venture deals and an instant source of leads!

Video #5: How to Use Facebook to Get Attendees

I also show you how to get targeted prospects who are already on the world’s largest social networking site Facebook to attend your webinar using Facebook Ads.

Video #6: How to Make Your Webinars Automated

Ultimately, learn how to automate your webinars so you don’t have to turn webinar training into a perpetual job!



Zero Cost Traffic Tactics                                                                                                     Value: $27.00


Instamate Bonus and Resource Guide

Today, launching a website means that you are competing with more companies than ever and getting traffic to your site is vital. So, what is a person with no budget, no SEO skills and no expert advice to do?

You Can Get Free Traffic!

Here’s what you’ll discover in this eBook:

  • Learn a killer blogging technique that will allow you to get traffic by blogging a very specific way, and how you can make your readership numbers blow up.
  • Discover how YouTube works and how it can help you to bring traffic to your website.
  • You’ll learn a method for posting a link to your website multiple times a day where could potentially be seen by thousands or even tens of thousands of people. (And it won’t cost you a single cent.)
  • See example emails that will help you approach people so that you can get traffic to your site from other, more popular websites.
  • Revealed on pages 37- 43: You’ll learn how iTunes can help you turn your trickling website traffic into a huge flowing river of traffic by doing something regularly that is both fun and valuable for people in the same industry as you are.

Great Content and Strategies Revealed Right Until The End of This Book


  • By the end of this book, you will know how to approach another website or blog and get them to allow you to write a guest post and then put it on their website, in front of all of their visitors, with a link to your website as to drive traffic that way.
    You’ll learn a method that will allow you to engage with a large group of people many of whom will want to visit your website when you’re all finished.(This tactic is revealed on page 44 and it’s an absolute GEM!)
  • You’ll learn what the name dropping method is – a revolutionary new method for getting some of the most influential people on the Internet to link directly to your website without even asking for a link, or anything else for that matter, in return.
  • You’ll also learn how to create a guide or report and make it go viral and then have it drive traffic directly back to your website without you spending a single dime. In fact, other people will distribute this report for you, all leading back to driving traffic to your website for free.

…and much, much more!


We go over the basics of each model and provide actionable steps you can follow to start succeeding in each. And if you’re already a confident marketer? Then you can set up multiple revenue streams to maximize your income!

YouTube Traffic & Instagram Ninja Marketing Secrets                                                            Value: $147.00


dvdcasefront_688x970(2)How To Drive More Traffic With YouTube Videos (Mind Map, Video and Audio)

You Will Learn How To:

  • Create Custom Thumb Nails That Drive More View
  • Video SEO Master Class Learn the Video SEO Tips and Ninja Tricks That Very Few Know to drive more views and exposure online.
  • YouTube Channel Optimization Secrets
  • Simple Video Creation Strategies.

Instamate- Instagram- Marketing-SecretsInstagram Ninja Marketing Secrets will show you little known free and paid methods of increasing followers and converting sales using your Instagam account. You will learn optimization tips to increase traffic flow to your offers via your posts.


 Did the bonuses  get your attention?

I think you will agree that the bonuses I have put together for you is excellent value and will be very useful for your business whether an online or offline business. You DO need to click on MY link and give me the affiliate credit in order to get the bonuses so make sure my link is the last you clicked. Talk soon and if you have ANY questions, please let me know by sending me an email on the form below.


Warm Regards,
Fabio Mastrocola


PS: Remember to click the link to get your copy of Webinar JEO and your bonuses valued at over $7450.00


PPS: Get Your Complimentary Webinar Marketing Guide by CLICKING On The Image As A Reward For Reading This Far – Enjoy 🙂


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