Review Review By Fabio Mastrocola

Website/ Blog Owner: Beat Wettstein

Price: Great FREE Information
The Verdict: 100% RECOMMENDED. Excellent Information For Anyone Wanting To Know How To Buy,Play,
Sell or Maintain your Guitar

Why Review ””?


This section of my website traditionally reviews products that can help business gain more leads and more customers using training programs and courses that are offered by some the greatest minds in marketing.

On this particular occasion I wanted to review something that is a passion of mine “Playing the guitar”. I have been doing so for last 26 years and whilst I did have some lessons I am basically self taught.

I have no where near the ability of the many talented guitar playing musicians . For me the guitar is an outlet to de-stress, jam with friends and a creative outlet!

The reason for making this review is to show you how you can create a similar review site in your market or niche sharing your knowledge and connecting with your audience.

OK let’s Get into it….

Who is the site for?


I really like guitars has information for guitar players of all levels.

Included are some tips and techniques on better and easier string bending and also covers a humorous and light heart take
on the difference between playing lead guitar Vs Rhythm.

If you are looking at teaching yourself guitar ( no matter what level) there are some great reviews on online guitar training programs (FREE & PAID) with discount coupons so you can save.



These Learn the guitar online programs cater for the beginner to advanced player covering 19 Styles of guitar
ranging from Rock, Blues ,Flamenco and more.

Blog owner Beat Wettstein also covers excellent tips on fixing and maintaining both acoustic and electric guitars as shown by this embedded video:


At one stage Beat had over 90 Guitars (acoustic and electric). He is also fascinated with custom guitars and has reviewed many on his site. Included are tips on how to buy these custom guitars and how to avoid the pit falls associated with buying them. In a recent interview Beat revealed to me he had completed 500 transactions buying and selling guitars for himself and for others.


Beat also offers FREE advice when it comes to buying and selling guitars and can be contacted at:


100% Recomended


If you are a guitar playing enthusiast and you also really love guitars you can check out Beat’s site at:

From a marketing stand point take note of how Beat produces content that resonates with his audience.

This is a lesson for all of us as marketers and it’s important to look after them ( your tribe) by providing value so they come back again and again and spread the word about your blog.

Wishing you excellent guitar playing and great audience engagement marketing!