Discover Review and Demo Lead Generation Automation Software By Walt Bayliss

Discover Review and Demo Lead Generation Automation Software


Product Creator: Walt Bayliss



Product Name: Discover
Launch Price: $297  Life time or $197 per year or $29.95 per month – Other up-sells please see below


Bonuses: SEE BELOW

The Verdict: 5/5 – 100% Recommended – A Very Powerful Marketing Tool With New Features “Sales For This Software Will Soar”

Discover Review Lead Generation Automation Software DEMO



What is Discover?

Discover Review and Demo Lead Generation Automation Software

Discover is a lead generation tool. whilst there are plenty of lead generation tools out there that scrape, Facebook,and  Google, and come back with names, and addresses, and other data. Where Discover separates itself is what happens after those leads.

Discover will automatically generate leads for anyone, based purely on a single word being entered. But that’s NOT ALL

Discover will then automate every element of the process, from contacting the people right through to the follow up and add them to your auto-responder helping not only increase your data base or list but nurture those leads so that you build a relationship.

The Money Is In The List = Not True!


You have heard it said many a time that the money is in the list ! NOT TRUE The money is in the relationship you have with you list! This Discover review and lead generation software will show you how. In addition it will show you how to build a sales pipeline of targeted prospective buyers.

“Discover Review Lead Generation Automation Software with the smarts for your business.”


  Discover Lead Generation Software Features:


Projects Feature

Now, projects, you can see they go from leads to prospects to customers. You will have the ability to build this pipeline into place. And you can build new columns here, so I can go from here to pipeline title being Key Accounts, for example.

So, I’ve got some that’s come from a prospect, they’ve then become a customer, a paid customer, then into a key account as an example.

You will have an activity feed where you can actually see what the apps done in the background..

Set up Automation Rules For Seamless Sales and Marketing Automation

You can set up and create some automation rules. As an example:

I can search, in Facebook, for chiropractors, just like that. using a specific location. I can get into suburb level, or state level.

You can determine how often you’d  want to search? Every 30 days for example.

Using these simple rules you can add these leads to your  pipeline and then you can simply save that rule and the Discover tool will go and create a search based on those criteria every 30 days and the leads to your pipeline.

Discover Lead Generation Software Allows You To Integrate Your Auto-responder

You can connect to auto-responders and  add anyone that the Discover Software finds  to your auto-responder  list and email marketing sequence.

The Discover software also has email verification, which is a set system that actually makes sure that you’re not adding any junk to you auto-responders.

Being able to literally find a lead and take it all the way through to an approach email, and then follow-up through into the pipeline.

  In a Nutshell : What does Discover do?

Discover will find opportunities  and  return very helpful data like:

  • If you prospective clients have websites
  • Do they have good SEO systems going on?
  • Do they have a Facebook Page, Linkedin Profile Twitter profile etc.

This type of information is “Gold” especially if you are Local, SEO or Digital marketing firm,  You can easily add these prospects to your pipeline and then contact these businesses and offer them your services.

Who is Discover Lead Generation and Sales Automation Software For:


  • As I have mentioned above it is well suited for Local, SEO or Digital marketing firms.
  • Anyone Selling Business to Business (B2B)
  • Local Business Affiliate Marketing
  • Any one selling online.

Discover Lead Generation and Sales Automation Software Upsells



Discover  has been made to be very affordable by Walt and his team. Other than the front end offer  there are 3 one time up-sell offers:

  • The Agency License The Agency levels of the software take earning online to a whole new level. Purchasers of the Agency level will be able to ON SELL the Entire DISCOVER package and keep 100% of the profits. Walt provides capture pages, video ads and facebook campaigns as bonuses so you can do exactly that.
  • The Profit Pack
    The PROFIT PACKS are ready ‘done for you’ sales packs for the niches that DISCOVER will generate leads for. Example – DISCOVER finds someone without a Facebook page, so in one of the profit packs (there are 5) Your customers will have all the tools to sell them one.           
  • Engage 


ENGAGE is another new piece of software *(and we’re including the agency rights here too, for those who purchase the higher level).
This is a chat tool that installs on any website, allowing immediate interaction – but the real beauty there is it is done using existing apps that you already have, like SKYPE and Messenger. PLUS they have added the biggest platform in CHINA (weChat) so that agency licenses holders can tap into the worlds biggest market.

Final Conclusion On The Discover Lead Generation And Sales Software


When working online I need you tell you that automation is key as it saves you time , make you more productive and achieves quicker results. Discover will help you do this.

I recommend get access to the front offer at the very least and if you are an agency that deals in SEO, Local or Digital Marketing then consider the other options.

I do own Walt’s products myself and can’t speak high enough in regards to the quality and the service you receive.

Simply CLICK HERE to get access to Discover.


(Additional Complimentary Bonuses Available Until December 21, 2017.)

And as a Thank You for purchasing Discover from me you will receive some complimentary bonuses. I have listed them below and they aren’t just any bonuses.

I have put a lot of thought into these bonuses and they will work hand in hand with your copy of the Discover software .

All you need to do is send me a copy of your receipt to me via my contact form and I will deliver your bonuses directly to you.


This  Blueprint Package is designed for you as guide and shows you the steps you need to take to build a 100K Business and It works hand in hand with all of the other packages.

You will Receive:

100K Publicity Blueprint:

  • This Data JEO  bonus The  Publicity Blueprint has been put together to show you 30 Ways to Generate Publicity for Your Online Business.

The methods revealed are varied and include:

  • Social Media Strategies to gain more exposure for your online business
  • Guest Posting and Blogging Strategies
  • Leveraging article directories
  • Using Q&A sites
  • A pod-casting traffic getting  strategy
  • Writing Press Releases
  • Plus more

You will also get:

Training on how to write a press release (step by step) and template you can use as your own.

100K Traffic Blueprint

The traffic blueprint is a comprehensive 129 page manual that shows the A-Z of generating traffic to your site and offers.

I would suggest you print this E-book  out and keep it handy . You will be shown how to:

  • How to drive traffic from all of the search engines, not only Google
  • Article marketing traffic strategies
  • YouTube and Video Marketing traffic generation methods.

Use social media to drive targeted traffic to your online business from little known strategies using:

  • Tutorial Sharing Sites
  •  Document Sharing Sites
  • Press Release Sites
  • Podcasting Sites
  • SEO and Backlinking strategies
  • PLUS More

As part of 100K Traffic Blueprint you will  also receive these blueprints:

  • “Authority Domain”
  •  “Video Marketing ”
  •  “Amazon Affiliate”
  •  “Offline Gold”
  •  “Site Flipping”
  •  “Google Site Sniper”

 100K Mega Launch  Blueprint

The Mega Launch Blueprint will show a 3 step process to run a Mega Launch of a campaign to promote your online / offline business , products and services.

You will Learn:

  • How and where to launch your products.
  • Sales letter formulas that work
  • the process of writing  promotional emails
  • Banner ads for your launch and  to use them with great effect.
  • Simple steps for finding Joint Venture partners.
  • How to Pull Off a Successful Joint Venture Invitation
  • 4 other product launch techniques

100K Sales Funnel Blueprints

Sales funnels are so important to have and that’s why I have included this blueprint as bonus for you. This will help you take the guess work out and show you:

  • How to Create an Irresistible Front-end Offer
  • An effective way of creating  a High Converting Upsell page
  • A simple  Down Sell strategy that will Save 10% More Sales
  • An easy way to put together a Second and Third Upsell page
  • Big Ticket Backend creation strategy
  • A Formula for converting buyers with follow up e-mails

All of this is delivered in Video ,Audio and E-book formats.


Traffic is the life blood of any online business, This package focuses zero cost traffic.

You will learn the strategies to drive traffic to online business with non paid methods.

In this Free Traffic Mastery Training Package you will discover:

  • How to generate targeted traffic from YouTube. – You will receive a step by step mind map and checklist.
  • You will also learn a simple way to generate more exposure and capture attention using your own custom thumbnails.
  • Little known (ZERO COST) Traffic Generation Tactics like posting a link to your website multiple times a day where could potentially be seen by thousands or even tens of thousands of people. (And it won’t cost you a single cent.)
  •  You’ll learn how iTunes can help you turn your trickling website traffic into a huge flowing river of traffic by doing something regularly that is both fun and valuable for people in the same industry as you are. (This tactic is revealed on pages 37-43 of the Zero Cost Traffic Guide.)
  • 100 Press Release strategies for you to implement to drive more traffic your site.
  • A Page One ranking formula to get more exposure from the search engines
  • Little known underground free traffic  methods
  • Plus much much more

You will also get access to Hydravid- X-ray:

This software will give you the blueprint on what is needed for to you rank your videos and get massive views. After all getting the top spot is a science, meaning there is a formula and if you follow it you will get the right results.


In this package you will discover social media  strategies that compliment the Data JEO software by tapping into platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. This bonus training will allow you to maximize the data from Data JEO.


30 Minute Power Call Bonus

data-jeo- review

  • 30 min coaching call – Where we will discuss your business and how to make improvements to make it more profitable.
    You will leave this coaching refreshed ,energized and motivated.
  • I will not hold back with the information I will share with you.  I want you to succeed.


Power Webinar Training and Critique Certificate Package – The Ultimate Online Sales Conversion Tool

Webinars will be an integral part of not only creating  content for your  website website but an important cog to promoting your online business, because it is known that Webinars convert at a higher rate.

Included in this bonus is a step by step system to take you by the hand to run webinars effectively and for maximum leverage.

Here’s what you will get:

• The Sales Webinar: Learn the “Rule of 3s” for profitable sales presentations. Reach more people and make more sales
• Set Up Live Webinar, Part 1: Write a hooky headline. Learn easy setup for the most popular live Webinar platform.
• Set Up Live Webinar, Part 2: Review your setup. Configure email follow-up messages.
• Live Webinar Checklist: This Video covers major features of LIVE Webinar platforms

Webinar Presentation Critique


I will go over your presentation and give suggestions on tweaks that can enhance your presentation.
Just send your presentation across to me and I will look at ways of improving it for you.

  • I will record my critique and send it back to you so that you can make the changes required and you will have the video to refer back to.

Automated Webinar Software –

The Revolutionary Software That Allows You To Work Once And Get Paid Over And Over Again

Grab your FREE copy of the brand new Webinar Speed software to automate your webinars the fast and easy way

  • The software that allows you to make sales over and over again without doing any extra work, yes, even while you sleep!
  • The software that allows you to automate any webinar in just a few clicks, making you money without you ever having to be there
  • All the features you need to run hundreds of webinars simultaneously with unlimited attendees so you can finally leverage your time

***Agency License Bonus***    Only For The First 7 People


This bonus is a great resource for those people that have purchased any of the Discover Agency Licence And Profit Packs.
It is also good  if you are  a Digital or local business marketing consultant.

This bonus is packed full of value and some of what’s on offer you won’t be able to get anywhere else.
That’s how exclusive this is.

Ok Here’s what you get:

  • You will get up to 100 Leads for your agency business to contact in your area and in your niche.
    (** I am promising up to a 100 – as it will depend on the amount of business that are available in 
    your geographic area.)
  • Once I generate these leads for you you will be able to get in touch with them and sell them your services.
  • Also Included I have included a Done For You 400 word Online Press Release that will be submisted to over 385 News and Social Media outlets including Google News. That alone is a value of $299.00.
  • Included in this package you will also get my personal case study of how I attracted 106 Customers to my local business
    in 24 Hours using offline Press Releases and I will provide you with the actual media release I used so that you can use it yourself to
    promote your venture.

I have also dedicated my personal to time helping you :


  • The one hour coaching call – Where we will discuss your business and how to make improvements to make it more profitable.
    You will leave this coaching refreshed ,energized and motivated.
  • I will not hold back with the information I will share with you.  I want you to succeed.
  • The SEO Audit –  I will share with you what your site needs to rank in the search engines. (If you
    don’t yet have a site ,even better.. We can start you off on the right foot.)

In December 2014 I wrote an Amazon Best Seller called Standing on The Shoulder of Online Giants.

  • This book reveals how to use the biggest online platforms like YouTube, Google Apple and Amazon how to
    leverage their reach and audience for the purposes of promoting your business.
  • I have a Free 2 hour coaching webinar that accompanies the book. You will get alot of value out this.

To Finish off this package you will get:

My training I did on “Lead Channels“.

What are Lead Channels?


Put simply – Independent web properties that attract purchase driven customers to your business and it’s offerings.

Hence, that’s why you will enjoy it and best of all most of the properties are FREE.

Big Ticket Machine Video tutorials to learn how to attract high paying clients and use backend sales to start
closing high-end sales.

Here’s a sneak peak on what you will learn:


  • Where to find ready buyers with money to spend
  • How to overcome objections and confidence issues
  • A simple phrase that will have your prospect  paying  you  high fees (and even say it with a straight face)
  • An easy method of using Facebook Ads effectively and without breaking the bank.

And more covered in this 26-part course…

  • Lead generation post cards and flyers you can use to generate more leads and sales for your business.
You have to agree that there is a tonne of value in these bonuses,

So Here’s What You Need To Do Next :

STEP 1: Get Access To Discover Lead Generation Software  by one my links below:


For Yearly Option CLICK HERE

Monthly Option CLICK HERE

Discover Agency 20 Pack

 Agency  50 Pack 

The Profit Pack

 Unlimited Agency Pack

STEP 2: Forward Your Receipt To Me With Subject Line “Data JEO Bonuses” TO: and I will deliver your bonuses.


You Have To Agree That This Software Is A NO – BRAINER And Demand For This Software Will Soar.

Discover will be available from December 14 through  the discounted launch price.

Act Now – While it’s fresh in your mind. 


Wishing you good things,



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