BlackBird Suite Software Review And BIG Bonus

BlackBird Suite Software Review And BIG Bonus


If you are serious about selling on Amazon -this is a must have . The demand for this software will soar!

Launching August 21st – 25th, 2017 12PM ET

Product Creators: Steven Clayton, Matt Carter and Aidan Booth
Product Name: BlackBird Suite Software
Price: $97/month – Upsell Online Marketing Classroom – $97 per month or $1497 one time.
The Verdict: 100% RECOMMENDED


So What Is BlackBird Software Suite Review And Big Bonus About?


In this post I am going to introduce to you BlackBird Software Suite Review And Big Bonus. The Blackbird Suite Software is an
Amazon seller technology suite and training portal developed by Steven Clayton, Matt Carter and Aidan Booth.

These gentlemen have developed the technology and training, virtually a secret weapon that provides complete all-in-one coverage to
Amazon sellers (in E-commerce)  as well as start-to-finish training for people looking to get started selling on Amazon.

Blackbird is something that Steve, Matt and Aidan started developing about 18 months ago. It already has a user base of over 1,200 monthly members at this point and that number is growing month on month on,

BlackBird Software Suite Review And Big Bonus Will Only Be Open To The Public In August 2017

Current  members of the BlackBird Software Suite  have all came in directly through their  sales page or through private promotions that they have  done. They’ve never done a public promotion before like the one that we’re doing in August.



Who Is BlackBird Suite Software For ?


BlackBird Suite Software is designed to help people that want to sell physical products on Amazon. If someone wants to learn how to sell physical product or is already selling physical products, then Blackbird can help them.

It can help by training or by managing the whole process of selling physical products on Amazon.

It’s designed to replace and improve upon other products that are already out there on the market such as:

And a host of other tools available on the market.

In addition to state-of-the-art Blackbird Suite software, BlackBird provides users with:

  • over 70 training videos,
  • unique on-demand ‘Grab-A-Guru’
  • strategic support, and much more.


BlackBird Suite Software Review And Big Bonus Reveals There Are 1,200 users = $10M/month (ALREADY)



“Already 1200 Blackbird Suite Software Making A Combined Total of $10M per month.” -August 2017.

With a current user-base of over 1,200 Amazon sellers who collectively generate of $10,000,000 in monthly sales, BlackBird Suite Software  is mature (and reliable) technology and training.

BlackBird Suite Software Review And Big Bonus -What Can BlackBird Do For You? 


So what can this Blackbird suite software review tell you about what this powerful technology and training can do for you?

The first thing you’ll see is the  dashboard, which shows the revenue orders and this can be customized  reviews.  are happening in .

Now Blackbird has got different components:

  • The first is the CRM, which is sending out messages automatically to people that buy products on Amazon and there’s all kinds of different things that you can do there.
    What they (the creators of the Blackbird Suite Software) are essentially doing is replicating but improving upon in a great way what other services such as our Feedback Genius, Feedback Five and a bunch of other Amazon email services are doing.
  • The second thing is the product tracker. Inside the product tracker you can track the performance of your own products, or other people’s products.

BlackBird Suite Software Will Also: 


  • You can also run split tests on pricing and all kinds of different elements inside of Amazon from Blackbird.
  • You will also have the opportunity finder as well, which is just amazing. This allows you to slice and dice and search for different products that you may be interested in selling.
  • Product Watcher, this is to spy on your own products and also on competitive products as well.
  • A Keyword Finder, this is to identify different keywords that can be used to, keywords that you might want to rank for on Amazon.
  •  And then Blackbird University. The Blackbird University is made up different modules that walk you through selling on Amazon.
  • The Product Tracker is really, really cool. It allows you to monitor the performance of your products over time. I forgot to mention that before but we’ve got a whole range of different graphs and stuff like that here which you can look at. So you can come in here and have a look at all that as well.

BlackBird Suite Software Review And Big Bonus – Final Conclusion


In conclusion, if you’re looking at selling more of your products on Amazon and to build a successful and sustainable Amazon business whether you’re a newbie, or a seasoned veteran.

At this point in time you can really make a lot of ground  with using the BlackBird Suite Software and for $97 per month for the software and an optional $97 per month or one time fee for the training ($1497.00) would prove to be a wise investment.

The opportunities this  software will present to you a very valuable. If you are selling a product of service you can put your offers in front of your target audience . 1200 users thus far earning a combined total of $10M per month must be doing something right!



BlackBird Suite Software & Review BIG Fast Action Bonuses:


When you decide to get access to Blackbird Suite Software via my link you will receive some exclusive bonuses that you can only get from me.  I have put a lot of thought into these bonuses and they are specific to getting more exposure and sales of your products.

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Bonus #1 : “AMATUBE” Traffic and Ranking Secrets                                                                                Value: $297

Step by Step Training on How To Use YouTube To Send More Targeted Traffic To Your Amazon or Shopify Store

  • You will learn how to reverse engineer for best results
  • Buyer keywords that use in your YouTube videos will send you target buyer traffic
  • Proven YouTube SEO Training – Making sure you rank in YouTube or Google (or even both using this formula)
  • How to use YouTube Live to promote your products

Bonus #2:  You will also get access to 2 software programs that will                                                  Value:  $497


1. Show You EXACTLY What You Need To Rank and get massive views.

Getting the top spots is a SCIENCE and not an art. Meaning that – there is a formula.

And if you follow it – guess what? You will get the right results.

2. The other software will allow you to stream recorded videos via YouTube Live.

You will get step by step resources to show you how to use these software as well.

Bonus #3: 30 Minute Skype Coaching Session                                                                                     Value:    $300


A 30 min coaching session to answer any of your Questions??? – You will leave inspired and refreshed to take your
business to the next level. That’s my promise to you.

Bonus #4: Amazon Listing  Ranking Recipe Training                                                                            Value:     $197


  • Step by Step Training Video To Have your Amazon Listing Show Up on Page One of Google
  • See what your competitors are doing and what you need to do to outrank them.
  • How to make Sure Your Images on your listing rank in the search engines.

Bonus 5: Amazon SEO Audit on Your Store and / or  Website                                                               Value:     $300


  • Here I will look at your listing or website and give you feedback on any improvements that you may want to consider so that your listing will get stand out, get more exposure so that you stand the best chance to get more traffic and sales.

Bonus 6: The E-Commerce “GoogleBook AD Secret ”                                                                               Value:   $197


  • (That’s Right Combine Google & Facebook To Scale Your Business To 7 Figures)

This is a little known and used and powerful secret. If you are beginner this is the place to start.

If  you are a veteran e-commerce marketer  – Are you sure you have used this powerful tactic as part of your advertising strategy

HINT: It combines ready buyers with Audiences!

Bonus 7:  100K Traffic Blueprint Training                                                                                                   Value:    $67


The traffic blueprint is a comprehensive 129 page manual that shows the A-Z of generating traffic to your site and offers.

I would suggest you print this E-book out and keep it handy . You will be shown how to:

  • How to drive traffic from all of the search engines, not only Google
  • Article marketing traffic strategies
  • YouTube and Video Marketing traffic generation methods.
  • Use social media to drive targeted traffic to your online business from little known strategies using:
  • Tutorial Sharing Sites
  • Document Sharing Sites
  • Press Release Sites
  • Podcasting Sites
  • SEO and Backlinking strategies
  • PLUS More

As part of 100K Traffic Blueprint you will also receive these blueprints:

  • “Authority Domain”
  • “Video Marketing ”
  • “Amazon Affiliate”
  • “Offline Gold”
  • “Site Flipping”


Please remember I am not only about information but I am also about your transformation and hence I have offered my time as you will see below and hence I can offer these bonuses to only the first 27 people.

Get over $1800.00 Dollars of BlackBird Suite Software Real Value Bonuses


Be sure not to miss out! Get Access Here.

Simply then send me a copy of your receipt / proof of purchase and I will deliver your bonuses to you.




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